Friday, April 20, 2012

a taco bell run turned sour

dress/sandals: Target, hat: TJ Maxx

yesterday JJ went golfing in the 50 degree pouring rain weather. i went to kmart to buy a curling iron and was harassed by a drugged out woman screaming "MA'AM! MA'AM!" at me and standing in front of my car, blocking me from driving away. i srsly almost ran her over. i'm never going to kmart again. next time i will drive the extra 10 miles to Target. after the traumatic experience, i treated myself to taco bell. my first taco bell since way before Lent. well deserved, i would say. i got home and sat at the table and chatted with Rah on the phone while i enjoyed my meal. all of a sudden JJ burst through the door looking like a drowned river rat with a crazed look in his eye. "ARGHGHHHHH! I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU WENT TO TACO BELL WITHOUT ME!" he shouted. i was like "hey dude, you went golfing, that was your treat. taco bell was mine. plus i almost died today in the kmart parking lot." he went on to tell me that he "tried" to "call" me to ask if indeed i wanted taco bell for dinner but i didn't answer. and so he didn't want to go without me. then he picked up my one last bite of chalupa and stuffed it into his mouth. i stared at him, mouth agape. #rude. he laughed maniacally then he snatched my remaining 2 triangles of cheese quesadilla and ran out of the room. so mature, JJ. 



  1. OMG! I can't believe I told you to never set foot in that Kmart. It's soo scary.

    p.s. my husband also came home soaking and "starving" and said JJ is getting L taco bell! I thought "how sweet." LOL.

  2. HA HA! I laugh because I totally could've written this story. Definitely something that would go down between the hubs and I :)
    And let's talk about how dang CUTE you are! Love that dress and your hat! Hope I look that cute when I'm pregnant :)

  3. It looks like you're holding an invisible glass of wine in that second photo! (#youwish)


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