Thursday, April 19, 2012

unnecessary obsession

skirt: Target, blouse: F21, necklace: Nordstrom Rack, sunglasses: Target

look at those dandelions. and the shovel in the background. we're such hillbillies. actually the dandelions are gone now, JJ removed them. 

i have an unnecessary obsession. i'll start at the beginning:

my sister M is a high school special education teacher, and yesterday she took her class to the humane society. she texted me this picture:

and she wrote in the caption: "went to the humane society today. this little shithead pissed on my leg. this was first thing in the morning!" i totally LOLed because it's so funny. and apparently her students thought it was the most hilarious thing in the whole world so she just had to laugh along. but then i looked closer at the picture. i looked closer at the dog. 

please. look. at. that. dog. 

he is SO cute. and i immediately became obsessed with him. so i looked him up on the humane society website and found this picture:

OHMYGOD. i died a little when i saw this one. i am so in love with him. look at HIS HAIR! and his name is Harrison. and he's 2. and he needs a home. and Cleo needs a friend. and i want him. but JJ says no. and i mean, c'mon. I'M CRAZY, right? like i'm going to have an infant. why on earth would i want to adopt a dog with behavioral issues? but there's just something about him. i just can't stop obsessing over him. i kept saying to JJ last night, "hey, look at this!" to perk his interest and then i would turn my computer screen towards him and there Harrison would be, looking all sweet and innocent. and JJ would sigh heavily and say "NO, L. we have a baby to worry about, we don't need another dog right now." butttttttttttttttttt JJ omg what if he's there too long and no one wants him andOMGwhatiftheyEUTHANIZEhimitwillbeALLyourfaultttttt! 

i want him. and i'm going to keep an eye on him. and if no one adopts him, i will. i will put a big blue bow around his neck and give him to JJ for his birthday and then he will just have to love him forever.


  1. I'm the same way! That's why we have two dogs that we rescued and I'm debating rescuing a kitty. Dogs are better in groups and can play with each other while you tend to the baby. Win win in my book. Good luck :)

  2. What Humane society is he at???
    I live out in Buckley and both our dogs are rescues...And they are BIG dogs (bloodhound & doberman/lab mix). I've been bugging hubs that I want a small dog. So he agreed... but we want another rescue...this guys is adorable!!!!!

  3. Harrison is at the humane society of central washington! here's his profile link:

    adopt him! adopt him!


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