Tuesday, April 24, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

me and L-Liscious at my baby shower 

freshly Catholic. with Bishop Joe 

baby shower! 

the best traveler. 

the littles having fun with Mo and Cleo 

always under the table waiting for meat to drop. 

love for Cleo 

present from Mom sent to LA. (including a Harry Potter onesie that says "accio milk" hahahhahahh) 

california girls!

living room is officially baby-ized: thanks aunt robin :) 

out cold on the way to the airport 

ducks on the beach 

JJ mowing the lawn. he caught me taking this pic and yelled "nooooo! let me be in my element, don't take that picture and put it on your blogggg!" tee hee.


  1. Oh! What did you have to do to become Catholic?! My boyfriend of three years is Catholic and his mom is always asking if I am going to convert...

  2. ha ha ha ha "nooooo let me be in my element!"


  3. JJ mowing the lawn. HAHAHH! awesome.


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