Tuesday, April 3, 2012

what's on L's/Rah's phone?!

Rah took some sweet pics while we were together this weekend that definitely needed to be included!

napping. would have been real cute if not for the hand down the pants. 

Rah, me and Sabs out to brunch 

cozy Nebz 

LATAH'S LITTLE PICKLES! Rah and i used to eat here every Monday night. it was girl time. it was also 50% off any bottle of wine night. and we ordered the. exact. same. thing. every. time. 

CROCUS! the first sign of spring in Spokane. 

Nebular at breakfast. 

J Bone at breakfast.

 Benjamin Pierre and Fracois the party poodles. note the tub of tums in the background--THANK GOD FOR TUMS!!!

 best cupcakes in all the land to celebrate Rah's 26th!

the short trip consisted of eating and playing draw something side by side on our pads. 

shopping with Cleopatra.

pup in the new rocking chair in JF's room

this vending machine is in the hospital. i saw it when we went to birthing class. it's a VERY awkward photo, don't you think? the placement of the bear over the bare naked baby is inappropriate/hilarious. JJ and were LOLing like immature goons.

Cleo's new bling!


  1. what kind of dog is cleo? SUCH a cutie, i want one!

  2. cleobaby is a yorkie maltese mix!

    striped maxi: liz lange for target...i mean SHE RULES!

  3. that striped maxi is PHENOM.

    miss you!

  4. napping with hands in the pants = so his arm doesn't fall off the side of the couch and hang/wake him up.

    glad im not the only weirdo who does that! haha


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