Tuesday, April 17, 2012

what's on Rah's phone?!

i literally did not take ONE pic on my phone ALL WEEK. terrible. but you know who did? Rah. she snapped away all weekend, so this week is ALL what's on Rah's phone...enjoy the world from her point of view!

my smoking slippers. Rah has an obsession with them. i have total blimp foot swollen ankles. so sexy! 

me, Min, Sand and Rah in front of the Camlin 

Sand at Swink getting her blowout 

Sand with my GIANT fabulous baby essentials basket! 

my personal fave: Rah with a glass of wine on her belly and an attractive face.

me and Sand at dinner 

flowers at Nordstrom 

Sand and Min at Swink 

me and JF resting against a podium--2 seconds later a waitress ran out and expedited our wait for a table. heeeheehee.  

opening pressies! 


the last cook.  

swan towel!  

snow white 

Min lookin pretty 

Rah's drink from Saturday. it smelled heavenly.  

sunday brunch. 

coffee at Ladro 

Sand the photographer

paramount theatre 

 cheers! that's my cup of ice in the back.

girl talk board game.  


  1. You have THE CUTEST pregnant belly I have ever seen!!!

  2. Love the wine on belly- classic Rah ;)


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