Monday, April 2, 2012

where does the pee come from?

leggings: Old Navy, tee/cami: Liz Lange for Target, blazer: Wet Seal, boots: Sam Edelman

i have hit an all-time high: i awoke 7 times to to pee on Saturday night. SEVEN TIMES. ohmygod. did i even sleep at all that night? no. no, i didn't. WHERE DOES ALL OF THE PEE COME FROM?!

pregnancy dreams are the weirdest dreams. WHY?! i mean i have the "normal" ones where instead of a baby i have an alien or a kitten, and i even had a vivid one where i gave birth through a hole in my ankle. but lately, i've been having dreams about policemen. i get pulled over, and just when i think i'm going to get a ticket, the tide completely changes and the cop wants to party with me and take me out for a drink. i wonder what that means. 

we had a nice quick trip to Spokane to eat. honestly that's all we did. well and also i got to see Rah and Sabs and Dee, JJ got to see Nebular, and Cleo got to spend time with her bffs Benny and Frank the black dogs. we leave a little bit of our hearts in Spoke every time we have to leave. 

my littlest sister comes to visit today. it's spring break, so she and her friend are coming over to shop for prom dresses (oh, prom) she invited me to go, but i think she was just being nice. who wants a rotund, older sister waddling along behind while you are trying to be cool and young and hip with your friend? however...pity invite or not, i'll take it. i mean c'mon, who doesn't want to relive their hot pink, beaded with a slit-up-the-side prom past?

now go kick monday in the ass.


  1. Lacie, you should post a picture of said prom dress and invite readers to send theirs in as well!

  2. YES. I second that notion Kiki.

  3. Oh I remember that prom dress, and all of us thinking we were so hot posing with our dresses hiked up so we could show off our garters. Haha.

  4. It wasn't a pitty invite, we really did enjoy having you with us!! :) Also, you dealt with my phone incident (party could. mybad) very well for being a short-tempered pregnant lady! Thanks again, Kate and I had a blast! xoxoxo


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