Monday, May 7, 2012

carseat installation rite of passage

shorts: JCP, tank: C&C California, chambray: H&M, sunglasses: Target, Vans

this tank. is normally a dress. soooooo yeah. that's how big ol JF is.

someone should have recorded the two asshats in our driveway last night trying to install an infant seat in the car. it would have won an award on America's Funniest Home Videos. srsly. OMG. we have never been more sweaty, uncomfortable and pissed off in all our lives. the directions are all "simply use the LATCH system to attach the base." SIMPLY. SIMPLY?!?!?! motherfudge. it was SO difficult. JJ threw his hands in the air at one point and walked away muttering, "stupid piece of shit." and i agreed. only the "stupid piece of shit" is the key to JF's safety, so we had to just suck it up and keep trying. and after struggling for over an hour, we realized there was a lever we needed to have pulled in order for the seat to hook in correctly. kjfsdajfklsdjflksaj and i mean c'mon, we are both educated human beings--AND we read both the manuals to the seat and my car like 100 times. but were still clueless idiots when it came to the carseat. we think we have it installed right, but then i read online that 80% of carseats are indeed installed improperly. that's a terrible rate! enough to make new parents quite paranoid. 

why is this rite of passage into parenthood such a pain in the ass? srsly. 


  1. stop by your local firestation! They'll check it for you for free. (Bonus if they're hot!) :)

  2. Those are terrifying odds. When are you due?!

  3. Ditto to the firestation--they are so nice about it! You can just pull up and ask. And yes, they're a pain in the ass. But if you have the base with the infant seat that attaches, then you're good to go once the base is installed once.

  4. btw, happy full-term!


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