Thursday, May 24, 2012

the great pillow switch

dress: Motherhood Maternity, sweater: BCBG, Hunter boots

it's pouring rain today. POURING. but we are out of la croix and cocoa puffs, so venture outside i must. 

yesterday i wrote a nice little blog about JJ. 

but not everyday does he do something wonderful. 

JJ was using a terrible pillow. i mean the most horrible pillow in. the. world. it was like one of those flat cotton ones. and it was literally from his childhood. i hated it. stained and old and gross. and c'mon, not even comfortable! so i bought him a new one. a nice feather Calvin Klein pillow that is soft and fluffy. and i took that flat piece of cardboard outside and put it deep down in the garbage so he couldn't dig it out. that night he whined and whined about missing his old flat piece of shit. i was all "oh hush, child. just sack up and enjoy your grown up man pillow." at midnight he literally shook me--his 9 months pregnant wife who has a hard time sleeping anyway--awake to yell at me how much he hated his new pillow. then he threw it on the ground dramatically and grabbed one of the pillows with the fancy, not-for-sleeping-on shams and slept on that instead. he was such a brat about it.

yesterday i washed the sheets. and put his new Calvin Klein pillow in one of the  fancy, not-for-sleeping-on shams, and put his pillowcase on the pillow that i took from the sham. but i didn't tell JJ.

and this morning when he woke up, he blissfully bragged about what a great night of sleep he had and how nice it was that he didn't have to sleep on the new pillow that he hates. 

he didn't know i had pulled the switcheroo. and i noticed that he had slept on a pillow with a fancy, not-for-sleeping-on sham...and inside the sham was the exact pillow he claims to abhor. 

so i jumped up and shouted "HA! YOU WHINEY LITTLE SHIT! I SWITCHED THE PILLOWS! I SWITCHED THEM! I PUT YOUR PILLOWCASE ON A DIFFERENT PILLOW! YOU JUST SPENT THE WHOLE NIGHT ON THE CALVIN KLEIN AND YOU WERE JUST FINE!" i pulled back the sham to show him the Calvin Klein pillow and laughed maniacally. 

he tried to shout back in protest but ultimately fought back a smile. a smile that signified my victory.

sometimes it just feels so good to be right. 


  1. haha so hilarious!! :D I love your posts!

  2. hahahaha i just died laughing in my office. i love reading your posts, they always brighten my day!!

    suuucker!! I love those sweet victory moments!

  3. L, I just want to say that I'm really sad you don't live in Southern California anymore. I want to be your friend!

  4. Hahahahaha that's a good one! You are absolutely hilarious!

  5. I laughed so hard! Great post!

  6. um. i love this. subscribing via RSS and GFC at this very moment.


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