Friday, May 18, 2012


skirt: Gap, tank/headband: F21, sandals: Chinese Laundry, sunglasses: Gucci

JJ and i were noticing the other night that my belly is quite like Santa's in that line from Twas the Night Before Christmas: "and it shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly." it really does shake and wiggle and roll when i laugh. 

and speaking of jelly...i love these pink jelly sandals with bows on them. makes me feel 10 again. my Mom hated jelly sandals. she thought they were tacky. but oh how she was wrong. they were the epitome of cool. my sisters and i all wanted them--but no. no jelly sandals for the Graf girls. she never bought them for us. until that halloween i dressed up as Jasmine. and i didn't have shoes to go with my costume. so my Mom made a last-minute trip out before trick-or-treating to buy me sandals, and i gasped with elated glee as she pulled my Jasmine sandals out of her shopping bag: lavender jellies with sparkles in them--my very own pair! "OHMAHGOSHMOM!" i screamed. she said sternly, "these are for your halloween costume. after tonight they are for playing dress up only." i didn't even care. i hugged the beautiful, made-in-china plastic shoes close to my heart and smiled. 

i wore those damn things with so much pride that night. the thing about jellies is they don't provide the foot with much breathing room. so after a few blocks of trick-or-treating my feet began to perspire. and then the sandals started to rub. and then came the painful blisters. but i never once complained (a rare occurrence. my family can vouch that when i am uncomfortable, especially in the foot department, i am the queen of complaints) but it was so worth it. 

so, when i saw these grown-up jellies last summer--one pair--in MY size--at Tj Maxx, i smiled to myself and snatched them up immediately. and i bought them. and i wear them any old time i want. because i can.


  1. OHMYGOSH- I had a pair of Ariel ones! They were my pride and joy. One time on a camping trip, I was frolicking in the river wearing them and one slipped off and floated all the way down the river. My dad tried to save it but to no avail. It was gone forever and I was so depressed. Pretty sure I slept with the other Ariel jelly shoe that night . . .

  2. Lacie I know we met twice in high school but I don't care, I have to say that you have the greatest blog EVER! I have told over 20 friends to read your daily postings bc they're so fantastic/hilarious. Thanks for constantly keeping me entertained and cant wait to hear about your new arrival!!

  3. i want your outfit and your shoes. i love that they make adult jelly shoes now. those things ruled my childhood.

  4. I had no idea they were THAT important to you! How mean of me to deny you your heart's desire. I'll make it up with the grandkids--they're getting all the jellies they want!,


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