Friday, May 11, 2012

no more stripes

dress: Marshall's, shoes: Target, flower: H&M, Cleobaby: Newspaper Ad

ooooooook. note to self: no more horizontal stripes until after JF comes. yikes. 

JJ saw Obama from his office yesterday! isn't that cool? Mr. Pres was in Seattle campaigning and JJ looked out of his 30th floor window downtown and there he was! shaking hands with and waving to the people! 

well i bought myself a vacuum for Mother's Day. isn't that so nice of me? it's a hard surfaces vacuum. i hate nothing more than sweeping, so it was the perfect gift. it's cordless and wonderful. my Mom has the same one and loves it so i copied. Mother's Day also happens to be JJ's birthday, so we are celebrating me, an almost-Mother in the morning and JJ for the rest of the day. i have a few surprises in store for him. i love making birthdays special!

ok so wednesday night was the last session of our birth class, and our instructor wanted to get a group picture. so we all huddled together awkwardly and the result is funny. we're all standing prom-style with fake smiles hahahh. please keep in mind that we all have due dates within 1-2 weeks of each other--but you can see quite obviously that JF is the biggest baby by far. THE BIGGEST. (ps just so you can put a face to the stories: Judy the instructor is pictured far right. and she's awfully snuggly with the bald guy).


  1. OMG! So cool that JJ saw Obama! Too bad we don't have a spare $40k to have lunch with him.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the group photo! the group photo! haldshdlgkhsaldghladshglashdlghsldghlskahdg


  4. Is the instructor the poop nazi? Sure looks like her!

  5. Which vacuum did you go with? I need one badly, that I won't have to return after one week's use.

  6. vacuum: the hoover linx--cordless and i bought it specifically for hard surfaces! we also have an orek that is pretty awesome.


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