Wednesday, May 9, 2012

not a petite child

best pregnancy dress ever: Liz Lange for Target, vest/headband: F21

yesterday i went to the doctor. where she told me that i have "at least another week!" and she's on vacation next week, so i hope i don't have JF while she's gone! she also measured my belly which is at a whopping 41 centimeters even though i'm only 36 weeks. she said, "this is NOT a petite child. return any newborn sized clothes you bought and go straight for 3 months!" holy. shit. sakdfjklsadfljkas this thing is HUGE! i blame JJ. but really though, JF could come any day now. ANY DAY NOW. which i am nervous about, but at the same time i *think* i'm ready. i am so so SO pregnant and every little thing i do is a struggle. it will be nice to be able to drive normally, shave my legs (among other parts) and put my own shoes on again.

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