Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ominous chirp

best pregnancy dress ever: Liz Lange for Target, necklace: vintage hand-me-down from Dee, sunglasses: Target

i had an intensely vivid dream that Cleo plainly asked me to be her surrogate since i had her spayed. and technically she had no choice in the matter, so i felt bad. i agreed to carry her babies. so, along with JF, there was a litter of god damned puppies in my belly too. 


also, while i was sunning myself outside enjoying my lunch, a bird flew into our backyard and landed on the tree nearest me. then it proceeded to chirp ominously. real loud and real long. does this mean something? a storm maybe? or that JF is coming tonight? i'll let you know.


  1. Thought you'd appreciate that leather and lace is on PEOPLE stylewatch!,,20580099,00.html#21144384

  2. I love love your look today! Everything about it.

  3. The dream! Bahahahahahahaha!!!


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