Friday, May 25, 2012


dress: Liz Lange, scarf: Jason Wu for Target, shoes: Marshall's

i think JJ is nesting now too. he scrubbed the fridge and cleaned out the pantry yesterday. and this morning i felt the urge to clean the bathroom, vacuum and mop. and we're all caught up on laundry (!!!) our house is so stupidly clean. i'm impressed with us. 

now i'm going for a walk waddle with Cleo and the bowling ball between my legs to pass the time until i get my promised breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. 

this post is erratic. i'm scatterbrained and restless and a hungry hippo this morning. JF is making me crazy! 


  1. Looks like you dropped, though, yes?

  2. HOW ARE YOU STILL PREGNANT?! girl, that is something.

  3. Pray God you are not going walking in those shoes!


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