Friday, May 4, 2012

sexy veggies

dress: Motherhood Maternity, sweater: Target

this is what i looked like the whole time at my shower--with a sick pup under my arm. poor little Cleobaby.

last night i was slicing brussel sprouts and JJ said, "ooooh yeah! those brussel sprouts are so big and sexy, they look so delicious!" 


me: "um. did you just call the brussel sprouts 'sexy' just now?"

JJ: "yeah..."



  1. You look BEAUTIFUL Lacie, glowing and happy, can't wait for the little one!

  2. Cutest outfit ever, you are adorable!!!

  3. Might have to go in search of that dress...

    Um, laughed out loud at work at the hashtag... totally worth it. Bahaha!


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