Wednesday, May 23, 2012

tub scrub

best pregnancy dress ever: Liz Lange, sweater: Thakoon for Target, scarf: Valentine present from Mom, bellybutton: size of Jupiter 

i have been nesting. it's time to get this little house shiny and clean for the bebe! last night the kings had a very important game (which they won. which means they will be playing in June. HOCKEY. IN. JUNE. c'mon), but i was really in the mood for the tub to be scrubbed. and i can't do it myself, with the bending over and the brain-killing chemicals in comet. but i reallllly needed it to be done. last night. like i had an obsession with it getting done. JJ promised he'd do it after the game, but then they went into overtime. and all i could think about was the dirty tub. i had a completely one-track mind, and i could hear myself being annoying about reminding JJ of his promise. then the kings won and there was the after-show and the press conference and the celebratory phone calls to his dad and his friends. and i really wanted him to enjoy it. i really did. so i went to bed biting my tongue on the tub issue and fell asleep while JJ rode his stanley cup finals high. 

this morning i was taking a shower and i noticed the sparkling white tub beneath my feet! my most favorite husband in the whole wide world had scrubbed the tub at 11:30 pm last night--just for me. isn't he the greatest?


  1. 1) That was too sweet. You should reward him with a baby.
    2) I also cleaned my tub last night but a Brain Killing Chemical free version!!

    White Vinegar + Dawn dish soap. Put in a water bottle, spray on tub. wait. wipe scummies away. I poo you not.
    My tub is soooooooo clean. And I'm craving fish sticks now. Which I hate, so that is one weird side effect.

  2. Whistling I Love LA the whole time, I'm sure! Big night for our family last night!!


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