Tuesday, May 8, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

Cleo and i had lunch in the sun yesterday--it was fabulous.

little. tiny. baby. socks. OMG i die. 

JJ and i both got the whooping cough vaccination this week. after JJ got his: "i get a treat for having to get a shot!" so he got this meatball manwich, target popcorn AND a strawberry frappuccino.  spoiled brat.

the last of the baby things! we are 100% ready. in terms of gear, that is.  

Cleo lounging in JF's room. 

i have always hated pedicures. but it has been so long since i last touched my feet that i went and got one with my Mom. and you know what? it was real nice.  

JJ building the high chair. so sweet.

the fabulous Liberty Water Bottles that my high school friend Amanda sent for me and JF! isn't that so sweet? she works on the design team for this amazing company whose bottles are all made from 100% recycled materials. and the company is in little ol' Yakima, WA. SO COOL. thanks again Amanda!

Nellard Skellard snuggling with me. 

in the words of Shakira, those "hips don't lie." omg Chanel, really?!  

the Queen of the house sitting on her throne.


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