Tuesday, May 15, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

pup nap 

i had this for lunch on mother's day. omg. that beecher's cheeeeeese was so delicious.  

she makes beds out of anything that appears to be softer than the ground. in this case it was packaging paper. hahah

obsessed with all the blooming rhodies in seattle! 

Rah got me heart-shaped breast pads! obsessed. so cute and so hilarious. 

JJ and his ice cream birthday cake 

MY VERY BEST WWF WORD YET!!! OMG! sorry Shell--heheheh

she can hardly sit on my lap anymore. and it really annoys her.


  1. there is so much to love in this post!
    the puppies... that thing you ate on mother's day... and those heart shaped breast pads? i want some!

  2. Hey--the breast pads go INSIDE the bra! *wink*


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