Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cleo kisses

this is my favorite picture. i captured such a hilarious moment. Cleo loves kissing her sister. her sister doesn't love it quite so much.

i'm blogging with one hand, holding a fussy miss G, tossing skittles in my mouth and watching the bachelorette on the DVR. i'm so awesome at multi-tasking!

i think i may try and put some real clothes on next week! and i may even take outfit pictures (!!!) there. now i've written it. so i have to follow through. i have been going through a steady rotation of 5 pairs of sweats/pj pants and 4 nursing tank tops. GHOD i love those things. one click and your boob is ready. and easy boob access is so stupidly necessary. last weekend my mom threw a bridal shower and i decided to forgo my uniform and wear a dress instead. when Gemma got hungry, i struggled and struggled to get my dress straps down. she started doing her scream cry for milk, so finally i ran to my parents' room and ripped off the damn dress. so there i sat. on the bed. wearing nothing but spanx and a baby. it was a great look.

even better of a look was when i forgot to put a breast pad on my left side before going to the lactation consultant. rookie mistake. AND i was wearing a gray (nursing) tank top. GRAY. which is the worst color to be wearing when wet. so i walked through the office with a giant dark gray circle on my left boob--SO EMBARR. when i realized what my dumb ass did, i instinctively put my hand over the spot. which is worse? the spot itself, or the awkward hand-over-boob gesture? aye yi yi.

and srsly, my boobs are so big. like SO big. i've always had teeny tiny boobies, and now i don't know what to do with these giant tits. my boobs used to be boobs. but now they're huge. and when boobs get that huge, they are no longer boobs. they are tits.

omg. somehow this blog post turned into a blog post all about my boobs. i'm.....sorry?


  1. I love this post more than you know. Having Drake come out in less than 3 months, and I know that these instances will be all too common in my life as well. Oh man not ready for the leaky titties- and my boobs are huge now too!! I never knew how nice it was to not worry about a bra, until I became Pam Anderson's twin during pregnancy and now I feel like a whore in every v-neck tank I wear. Anyways, your fabulous and I live for your posts-take care lace and gem :)

  2. You are SO hilarious and this picture is priceless. I get seriously excited whenever I see that you've written a new post.

    Maja -

  3. You're amazing. You are honest and you make me laugh! :)

  4. ok. i'm dying. being pregnant and laughing this hard equals peeing my pants.

  5. I am terrified. I'm not pregnant and my boobs are already huge.. its hard to imagine that they can get bigger. Hilarious post nonetheless :)

  6. You need to send that picture to Ellen Degeneres. So cute!

    I originally found your blog from an outfit that was pinned in Pinterest and I have been hooked ever since. Your stories crack me up. I still share your HPF in the courtroom story. I was in tears from laughing when I read that one!

    Congratulations to you and your family on your little Gem.

  7. bahaha. you know, i actually think of it the opposite way. i have itty bitty tits and maybe one day i'll have real boobs, haha.

  8. LLLL... Ruthy Ann featured you today! Cause you're so damn hilarious! You know I <3 you.

    Poor lactating boobs. I remember when my milk came in, holy hell. My boobs {turned tits?} were official porn-star-quality, over night.

  9. Man oh man! How can you do all that stuff & blog? I'm barely surviving here with my six week old (though I've gotten pictures up on my blog twice in six weeks). How old is Gemma? Adorable picture!


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