Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gemma's Room

i thought you'd all might like a little tour of Gemma's room! we just finished decorating yesterday, as we were waiting to find out boy/girl before doing last-minute gender-specific touches. 

 view from the entrance to her room

that white dresser used to house mine and my sisters' dress-up clothes. and of course the magical wooden pig my Dad bought for me when i was little. my Mom and i ordered the polkadot fabric from Etsy and she sewed those fabulous curtains.  

ooooh and a little sleeping Gemstone. 

Grandma and Grandpa Hansen bought her pretty crib, and the white toy chest was an antique store find. the pictures above her crib are vintage Barbie prints from a calendar, and we just put them in frames from Target! my sister M made the fluffy tissue paper flowers in the corner for my baby shower, and i saved them because they were so pretty. and i'm glad i did, because they add a little girlish whimsey. 

Nanny and Bear bought us the coziest rocking chair in the world! i've already taken a few naps in it. the ottoman and changing table were some more antique store finds, i love them. and that there shelf?? i installed that shit MYSELF! while 8 moths pregnant. i'm so cool.

i love that little bow. it's almost like it was waiting for a little girl's room! i found it a few years ago at the best antique store ever that Rah discovered on the Washington coast. 

we thought it would be cute for little Gemcake to have a wedding picture of her parents in her room, and of course every little girl needs a little cluster of pink tea roses 

i love silver rattles. i think they're so precious. my Mom's cousin Em bought it for little G. and the silver tray was a wedding gift from JJ's grandparents. they received it on their wedding day and passed it along to us. i love how rustic chic it looks.

and that concludes the tour. we love how it turned out!


  1. So adorable. It's absolutely perfect. And I want that rocking chair.

  2. Lacie, this is magical!! I am so feeling the neutrals/grays right now. Amazing rug, too. Well done!!!

  3. Love it! But as adorable as the room and all the accessories are, the cutest of all is Gemma! I can't wait to hold her and kiss her chubby cheeks! Love, Auntie Em

  4. TOTALLY GORG, L! I mean, like . . . I would like that to be my room. HA! You did a fab job :)


  5. Gorgeous baby room! I love that it's not all pastel yellow and pink and green and baby animal wallpaper. You did a great job, I am sure Gemma loves it, I know I would.

    Maja -

  6. It's perfect! Love it all!!!

    Where is that rocking chair from? I'm kinda sorta obsessed with it!

  7. What a completely chic baby room! I love it. Closeup on the wedding photo please!! I bet your dress was amazing.

  8. Cutest baby room ever! Perfect for a little girl!

  9. So precious, you did a fantastic job with the baby room. Wondering if you ever posted your wedding pics on your blog? Umm I think you totaly should you look fab!



  11. I really love your crib! I'm having trouble finding one! Where can I find it?? :)

  12. Aww lovely room and your baby looks so darling just sleeping there congrats!

  13. This has got to be one of the cutest baby rooms I have seen! I love the color scheme and all of the different textures. So cute!


  14. Cutest nursery!! and I LOVE that wooden pig! I want one!! and Gemma is absolutely gorgeous!! :)

  15. Hi there-love the chandelier in Gemma's room. Would you mind sharing where you purchased it? Thanks! -K


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