Monday, June 18, 2012

gem's father

JJ's first father's day! totally looks good on him. as does that outfit Rah bought him for his birthday. i'm so glad Gem has the best father in the world (besides my own father). she's a lucky little girl.

we went to my parents' house for a night, and it was srsly so crazy trying to get ready for it. "DID YOU GRAB THE PACIFIER?!" "NO! YOU SAID YOU GOT IT. MY HANDS ARE FULL WITH THE BREAST PUMP, YOU FOOL!" speaking of the breast pump. holy. cow. literally. COW. JJ calls me Betsey the Cow when i'm all hooked up to it. pumping is great actually--we didn't have to stop on the car ride home to nurse because i had a bottle of boobie milk ready to go for Gemsie Bear. fabulous! and she was perfect in the car. she's the best ever.

my parents invited some friends over to meet G, and everyone cooed over her cuteness. and she got to meet her great-grandma and great-grandpappy, it was fun. my sisters and parents fought with each other whose turn it was to hold the baby. and then we spent all of sunday outside on the deck enjoying the sunshine, while my dad discovered via binoculars that the "woman across the river from us sits outside and pets her chickens!" 

fact: my fat jeans fit (!!!)

well. kind of. we got home from brunch, and before i could even walk inside, the fat jeans were off. good thing my mom was around to catch a picture:

stay classy, L.


  1. Seriously rolling! Girl, you are hilarious!

  2. Just because the jeans fit doesn't mean they're comfortable. Too bad your mom caught you with your pants down... literally.

  3. LOL that's why we need mums. One day you get to do the same with Gemma :-)

    Anyway, you look great and Gemma looks like a cutie pie!

  4. Haha love this post and your cute little butt as well :) I'm so glad things are going great for you Lace!

  5. Girl, ur hilarious!


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