Wednesday, June 13, 2012


i meant to do what's on L's phone yesterday. i really did. then i just got tired and went to bed early instead. also, i feel the need to provide full disclosure: i wear the same thing everyday. literally the same thing. i alternate between my black and pink velour juicy sweatsuits. yes, i wear the top and the bottom together. like Britney circa 2000. judge away, seriously. because that shit's embarrassing.

i never thought i wouldn't have time to blog. actually scratch that. i do have time to blog. but i'd rather stare at Gemster and laugh at her little old man faces. little dollface went to the pediatrician for a weigh-in and she's not gaining her birth weight back. so now after i nurse her, i have to pump and try and get her to drink the pumped milk out of a bottle. the whole process is quite time consuming and exhausting. and we have only been doing it for 3 days. the only good thing about it is now JJ gets a chance to feed Gemma. as you can see from the photo, he loves it. hahahahahhahhh no, he really does love it. but this was during the game in which the Kings won the Stanley Cup, so his eyes were darting from Gemma to the TV and back. it was really cute.

my sister M came to stay for a few days and (among other things), she made us dinners out the butt! we have so many dinners. so thrilling. it was lovely to have her help, and Gem and i were sad to see her go this morning.

::sappy hormonal moment:: i have realized that since little miss G came into our lives, my heart is bursting with a different kind of adoration for my husband. i cannot even stand how much i love him sometimes. like i just want to squeeze him until his eyeballs pop out and smother his face in kisses and cuddle his heart forever. yesterday afternoon i even had a bit of a cry because i missed him so much (he was just at work).

currently obsessed with:

  • Gemma Julianne loverbuns baby!!
  • aden + anais bamboo swaddling blankets. STUPIDLY SOFT!
  • trying to squeeze myself into my regular clothes.
  • Motherlove nipple cream from Rah. it's not greasy and doesn't stain your clothes!
  • sleep--whenever i can get it.
  • the rocker in G's room. it's one of her favorite places, and comfy for me to nap in.
  • the sight of JJ holding his daughter and staring at her. omg.


  1. This picture is fantastic. It needs to be an advertisement for the Kings or something. I asked for a daddy smitten face picture- but somehow this is even more enjoyable. I think its the sweetest thing ever. Laciieee!!!!! you guys are all so cute!

  2. THAT face is J, for sure! I knew RIGHT AWAY he must be watching the game! Did he cry? I did. Like a freaking baby. I get your adoration for the hubs after the baby. I felt the same way about S after N was born. It's unexplainable!

  3. so sweet--love this! Isn't it crazy how motherhood can change your perspective on EVERYTHING?

  4. when I had my babies, I was amazed at how much Bob loved me...I'm not sure I felt it the other way around! This will fade so enjoy it while it lasts!

  5. Awww I love the sappy side. She is such a cute gem :)

  6. aww the baby is so cute :) wonderful photo

    Alexandra Marie


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