Tuesday, June 5, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

Gemma. that's who's on my phone. alllllllll Gemstone. in fact i had to srsly narrow it down like 85% so you wouldn't get annoyed with me.

a note from my niece. so sweet--only i don't think she knew what she was asking...LOL

too nekkid for ya? whatevs. this was taken 4 days before G was born. WHOA! 


my sister has this app on her iphone that puts random captions with pictures--this was one of them hahahahahaahaaa 

with Auntie KKiss 

first peonies of the season. my heart gets so happy for them.

my first diet pepsi. omg. yummmmmmmm. 

nice gown L. just being generally annoyed with the tubes and the wires. 

that's Nanny (my Mom) holding Gems while she and cleo met for the first time. Cleo loves her. when baby wakes up crying, Cleo gives her little licks on her head. she's a good sister.


nothing better than our morning snuggle time from 5:30-7.  

Mama's lookin a litttttttle rough in this one. you can really see the bald spot in my eyebrow (i hope Gemma gets JJ's eyebrows) but this is our very first picture together. right when she came out we just stared at each other. it was so magical. so much love! 

 with Auntie Rah

a perfect little ball.

with Auntie LJ 

with my cousin B and his girlfriend. 

this is Bear. (Bear is what Gem will call my Dad. he picked it out all by himself). he said to me "L! L! take my picture, i want to make Mom jealous that i'm holding Gemma and she's not" real mature, Bear.  

with Grandma and Grandpa Hansen 

napping with my sister Auntie MM


  1. Does JJ ever hold the baby?? I want to see his swoony "I'll be wrapped around your finger my whole life" face looking at that baby! This baby is too cute for words & I'm glad you are blogging again. I demand Gemstone be included in your daily "this is my outfit" picture.

  2. PS- that pic of your belly 4 days before.... HOLY BALLS!!! how did your mini body do that? what a wonderment the body is!

  3. Gah i love EVERYTHING about this!! I agree with the demand that gemsicle be in your daily outfit pictures. also..please, please, please come home so i can snuggle and meet this little lady (my family agrees).

  4. K so. too much to comment on.

    #1 that pic of you 4 days before. EPIC. Frame it. It's beautiful, hilarious, and painful all at the same time.

    #2 Bear??! That is the PERFECT name for a papa. He did good.

    #3 Gem is a beautiful baby. I'm not just sayin that.

  5. Oh my gosh, I love these! She is SO perfect. and O.M.G. i cannot even comprehend that 'before' belly. seriously. out of control.

  6. SOOO FREAKING ADORBS!!!!! I love your blog and hearing about all of this! Congratulations again! :-) Now go REST!

  7. Bear is hilarous and Gemma will have him wrapped around her dainty little finger in no time. I'm glad Cleo is a good big sister!! And I agree with Makaila, frame that picture of that belly, OMG you poor thing. But it is beauitful and hilarious and seems so very 'you' (for as much as we know you lol)

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