Tuesday, June 26, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

"it's SO hilarious when i shit my pants 7 times in 2 hours." 

first family dinner out! 

the maiden voyage! 

don't you just love the themed pt cruisers?? there's one in my hometown that is Santa Claus themed and there's a sticker on it that says "i'm a fan of the ho-ho man" hahahahahah  


 sharing one chair with a baby and two dogs. that's 4 mammals on 1 chair.

little smirk

Gem and Nanny and my sister C (thanks for the adorable flamingo onesie, B!) 

summer colors! 

ohhhh she is the cutest ever

she's been extra tired from the midnight feedings too! 



  1. From the boys:
    "nice Gemma, i love her." - Matteo
    "how can we go to Seattle to see Gemma if we have summer school every day?" - Marco

  2. Sarah, LOL! Natalie would be all over Marco's plan. All 4 (and a half) cousins in one place? Heaven!

  3. She looks bigger! Can't wait to see her soon ;)

  4. She looks bigger! Can't wait to see her soon ;)

  5. She sleeps with her mouth open, just like her mother :)

  6. L, I really like your bracelets/watch. Where is it all from?

  7. Yes! I love the bracelets too!

  8. bracelets: orange hair tie from Target, rhinestone bracelet stolen from mother-in-law (i think she got it at F21), watch from my mom&dad for Christmas/Nordstrom, teal wrap bracelet: men's accessories at Urban! :)


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