Tuesday, July 31, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

tough life in outside in the bouncy chair. (please note JJ sitting in the rocking chair in his undies LOL) 

this outfit is a hand-me-down from Baby P (whom i used to babysit). so sweet. 

so happy! 

i asked JJ to get a watering can. he came home with this. hahahahahhaah i literally could NOT STOP LAUGHING. JJ is such a hilarious doofus! and her name is "Babs" ...as it so clearly states on her right butt cheek.  

just takin' a rest in the hallway. 

shopping with the babies. 

every fiber of my being wanted these new fire cheeseballs. but then i remembered my butt. and my baby. both would be screaming in pain if i ate these. 

Dad and froyo 

JJ seducing his froyo.  

Nannie & Gemstone 

Daddy & Gemstone 

i've upgraded to double shot coffees in the morning. and, well...let's just say it gets things going REAL FAST.

 chillin' with Dad.

ouchie! poor little bayyyyybeeeee

Monday, July 30, 2012


shorts: F21, denim shirt: H&M, sweater: Old Navy, boots: Miz Mooz

it was a full weekend. it was a good weekend. shall i recap?

Mom, Dad and sister CA came to Seattle on friday. we went out to dinner and froyo. it was so great!

oh you stop it Gemma! you stop being so cute! 

with Nannie & Bear (Nannie is giving Gemsicle a kiss, not having her for a snack) 

sister CA & froyo!

so nice to have 2/3 of my family all in one place. sisters M and MM: #yousuck for not coming into town for my birthday. (it was my birthday yesterday). my Mom said, "your presents didn't come in time, so you'll have to come home with the baby next week if you want them." threatening me with my gifts to get Gem Time...how rude, Mother!  

saturday morning was Gemma's 2 month birthday! JJ had to work (boo), but the rest of us bummed around downtown Edmonds. we went to an adorrrrrable kiddie store, then to the farmer's market where CA and i CRUSHED some delicious quesadillas. it was so fun, except Cleo was just being generally annoying on her leash and i lost my favorite burp rag with the elephants on it.

saturday afternoon the girls headed over to LJ's house for the sip n see that my delightful friends put on for Gemma and me! 

pina colada cake that KKiss' Mom and sister made. omg! equally darling and delectable. 

pressssssies for Gemcake!


the owl theme was SO sweet.

i love my friends. Sam flew up from Arizona just for us! Rah and Sabs came from Spokane, a handful of favorites popped over from Selah, and a pal visiting from Florida who had just finished taking the Bar Exam even made it! (KitKat we missed you SO much) LJ, KKiss and Sam did such a wonderful job putting together the most adorable party for us. love you guys! you completely outdid yourselves and also i'm 100% obsessed with you for buying Mama a spa gift card. i cannot wait. CANNOT. WAIT.

saturday night i left JJ with G and plenty of milk (and delivery pizza and a friend. Rah and Nebular stayed with us saturday night). and us gals went OUT! 

worst quality picture ever in life. but it's the only group shot we took all damn day.
Rah, LJ, Sam, me, KKiss.

it was so fun, and the bartender thought i was turning 24. teehee. i worried about Gemster and missed her though. it was the longest i have been away from her. Rah, i personally apologize if your husband does not want kids for 78 years. poor guy was scarred for life because Gemma screamed all night until i got home. we went to bed at 2 and then we were up at 7:45 on my birthday to meet Sand and Min for brunch! i was exhausted. staying out late when you have a baby is a whole new beast. o.m.g.

Rah and i were 30 minutes late to brunch because i am a loser. there just isn't enough time. i cannot be ready in 10 minutes anymore. i wore a nursing tank top in public that morning. new low. but the food was delicioussss!!! and the company even better. and i got such wonderful and thoughtful gifts from such fabulous girls. thanks for loving me even though i was stupidly late and hilariously hideous. 

Rah and Nebluar headed back to Spokane and JJ, Gemma and i went home. where i took a shower with both the dog and the baby. it was a little ridiculous.

then we lounged around (my birthday present from JJ didn't arrive in time either. harumph) until friends stopped by to soak up Gemstone and the sun. after they left, Mimi came over with popcorn and presents and babysat while JJ and i went to the movies. we saw Ted. it was stupid. but we laughed. the best part is when, after his date ends, Joel McHale farts loud and long and says "finally." hahahahahhahaahahaa 

we got back home, thanked Mimi, watched Olympics gymnastics (we both agree that Olympic gymnasts are more talented than any other athlete) and went to bed early. we fell asleep with Gemma in the bed, and she woke up smiling at us at 2 am. she likes sleeping with us. but we are afraid of squishing her, so she only gets to do that when her parents are too lazy to put her in her own bed.

whew. that was a FULL weekend, no? i am now 26. on the descent into my late twenties and well on my way to 30. 

and now i have to get ready to take Little Baby G to the doctor. two month shots. wahhhh. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dear Gemma

i cried. i cried so unexpectedly in the car the other day. and i was overwhelmed with the sudden and intensely strong wave of total and complete love i have for my baby girl.

i put a Taylor Swift CD (obviously) on in my car and sang happily along with her as little G slept in her carseat. then #8 came on. and oh, song #8 how you encompassed my whole heart with your lyrics.

Never Grow Up is the song. i've heard this song 800 times, but never has it been relative to me.
it's such a sweet little melody, and it's so real and so true. all i want is to protect Gemma's little life from anything and everything that might cause her hurt and pain. and right now, i can. i feel so confident in the knowledge that i can keep her safe. and i don't want her to see the mean, cruel world. i don't want her to have regrets. i don't want her to have a broken heart. i don't want her to grow up.

oh, but i do. i want her to grow up to be everything she wants to be. i want her to fall in love. and i want her to live the fullest, most vibrant life that she can. she has to make mistakes and learn from them. she has to encounter dishonest and cold-hearted people, and decide not to be like them. she has to have a broken heart so she knows how special real, true love is. she has to grow up. and it's my great privilege to be her mother. i get to teach her. i get to love her. i get to nurture her. raising her to be good is the most important thing i will ever do.

so, here is a letter to my baby:

Dear Gemma Julianne, i promise to be the best mom that i can be. i promise to love you forever. i promise to love your daddy forever. i promise you'll have a wonderfully fun childhood full of whimsey and cupcakes. i promise i will be funny. i promise i will be happy (most of the time). i promise i will discipline you when you've been naughty. i promise you'll travel. i promise to let you eat cocoa puffs sometimes because they are delightful. i promise to yell at you if you borrow my vintage Gucci bag without asking. i promise i'll take you to Disneyland. i promise you'll always have a dog. i promise not to let you get your bellybutton pierced like your idiot mother. i promise to teach you to love literature. i promise i'll make you go to college. i promise to buy your first peach bellini (when you're 21). i promise to love your husband (or wife. no judgement here!!) and your children (should you choose to have them). i promise oh, i promise that you will be an individual. i promise you'll be a person the world needs. i promise you will be fabulous.

Love, Mom

Thursday, July 26, 2012


jumpsuit: i heart ronson, boots: MIA, sunglasses: Chanel

you guys. i'm really bad at replying to questions/comments on my blog. i'm sorry. but i'm 1million times better at checking email and responding via Facebook. so ask/comment away on there and i promise i'll answer!

i am a sourpuss today. so here is a list of things that suck:

1. being forced to pick outfits based on how they will look with the K'tan. for instance, i had to change out of the cute dress i put on yesterday because when i added the K'tan, my fanny was hanging out. and you can't just go to ikea with your fanny hanging out.

2. accidentally sending texts to people who were not meant to see the text. if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, asshole. 

3. splinters.

4. kristen stewart cheating on robert pattinson. C'MON YOU IDIOT GIRL. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ROB?! AND WITH A MARRIED MAN?!

5. when target is out of chocolate covered peanuts.

6. when Gemcake wakes up at 6.

7. when JJ leaves the front door ajar and Cleo escapes and runs rabidly down the streets barking at everyone and everything. and having to chase the mutt barefoot in your pajamas with the hearts on them. 

8. unpainted fingernails.

9. jamming one's toes on the bouncy seat. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN TO US AT LEAST 4X A DAY?!

10. flowers that die and weeds that flourish.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

trusty old denim friend.

skirt: Abercrombie, blouse: Old Navy, cowboy boots: Miz Mooz, flower: H&M

i'm so awkward hanging out in the bushes. 

you shut up and leave my Abercrombie skirt alone. i bought this SO long ago (LJ, do you still have yours? when did we get this? summer after high school? omg we're old) and i'm still 100% obsessed with it. in fact, i wear it to most of the country concerts i go to. it is a very old fave. 

Gemma has become a pro at fake crying. she'll yell out all melodramatically and look at you to see if you're paying attention. and if you are, she does it again. omggg! it's so hilarious. she's such a drama queen! obviously she got that from JJ. 

reading the BEST book. The Crowning Glory of  Calla Lily Ponder (book club selection via Rah). it's the most wonderful summer read and it makes my heart smile. 

also i got a new perfume, it's called Old Crusty Spit Up. have you heard of it? 

today we are running Big Errands. ikea AND target. dry shampoo, a swipe of lip gloss, coffee and a handful of stale frosted mini-wheats is all there's time for this morning. looking good, L, looking good. time to feed G and hit the road!

oh, and one more thing: i cannot even handle how cute this little love is:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

a real sticky buddy for sale! hahaahahahah 

just so cute 

me and the girlz 

this encompasses childhood summers: a chocolate/vanilla swirl cone from Ron's. fellow Selahites: (Selahonians?) #youresojealous


Bear & Gemma 




Auntie M and G 

will you play with me please? 

going for a spin in Nannie's new ride. 

snooze. she sleeps best when someone's holding her. OF COURSE!

omg. i just realized there aren't any pictures of JJ. how terrible of me. TERRIBLE. next week there will be 100 of them. poooooooor JJ.

Monday, July 23, 2012


on friday we headed to Lake Chelan to watch my Mom and sister M participate in the Chelan (Wo)Man triathlon. it annoys me that the race is called the Chelan Man. it leaves the women out. so i add the "wo" where it's needed. it was a fun weekend getaway and i happily discovered the instagram collage app.

M competed in the olympic triathlon race and placed 8th in her age group.

Mom competed in the half iron (wo)man and placed FIRST in her age group. omg she's so badass!

JJ woke up on Saturday morning and said, "hey L, i think i'm going to run the half marathon today..." and so he did! and placed third in his age group! my sexy Chelan Man! then after that, he and my sister's husband went and played a round of golf. all in a day's work.

M's husband competed in the ultimate nap competition and obviously won.

Gemsie Bear wins cutest baby in the world! (doesn't it look like she's taking this picture of herself?)


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