Friday, July 20, 2012

a new leaf

i. hate. guns. i feel sick to my stomach about the mass shooting in Colorado. and i hate guns.


damn you, Seattle. it's dumping rain today. it's summer everywhere else in the country except here. so we will hang around on our happy fish duvet and Gemma will scream at the sun to come out of hiding.

in other news: i, Queen L, have begun a 30-day workout challenge. i am and always have been an exercise abstainer. it's so annoying. like, no i don't feel good after a workout. i feel sweaty and gross. but alas, babymaking and age have taken a toll on my body. and it's time to tighten up. my workout is about 45 minutes long. and while it only takes about 3 minutes to pull my spanx on, i figure 45 minutes a day to a better me might not be so bad.

that being said, i'm only on day 2. hahahahahahahaaaa and i'm so sore i could die. my groin, my legs, my abs, my everything. from. one. day. aye yi yi. but i am motivated to get back into shape! plus JJ is training for an MFing marathon and has the bloody nipples (that stain my sheets) to prove it. like, he just went and ran 9 miles last night. WHAT IS THAT?! the only reason i ever run is if someone is chasing me. he's crazy! but c'mon L. if JJ can run a marathon, you can handle 45 minutes a day of mild to moderate exercise.

well, now that i've written it for all you fools to see, i am trapped. TRAPPED IN THE 30-DAY CHALLENGE! i have even taken a "day 1" photo of my stomach belly and plan to take another on day 30. and hopefully there's a difference.

anyway, here is my workout:

1. 300 situps/crunches/killmenows. apparently this is the workout on the P90X video. and apparently it works. because i feel like ass today.
2. a brisk 30-minute walk with dog and baby. alternating days of pushing G in a stroller and carrying her in the Baby K'tan.

that's it. nothing crazy, people. just 45 minutes a day for a girl who hates exercise.

so i'm off to do the 300. and the rude rain is supposed to be gone by 3, so we'll go for our walk then. wish me luck bitches.


  1. Never thought I'd see the day, but I'm proud of you little mama! I will join you and Gem for a walk next weekend :)

  2. maybe JJ should start wearing those milk absorbing pads we have to put in our bras to help soak up his nip blood...just a thought! and i totally need to get on a 30 day challenge too. maybe i'll let jillian michaels start yelling at me again...not sure if i'm that desperate, though....but GOOD FOR YOU, HOT MAMA!

  3. Let's walk green lake!! I hear the boys made plans to run together. soo gheey. Usually when Chris and I run together he laps me so this will be a welcome change :)

  4. right now i'm loving my excuse of being too pregnant to work out...but i know the day is coming when i'm not gonna fit into my maternity yoga pants...

  5. wooooww!!! that is SOME ab workout!! i don't know that i could make it through even one day of that! (ps. i just started following your blog the other day... i can't remember who linked me here, haha)

  6. If it makes you feel any better, it's dumping rain in NYC too. So at least we aren't alone in the Northwest.

  7. I'm jealous of your rain...we're in the middle of a drought here in PA! I'm also a little jealous of the goldfish duvet & the adorable babycakes on it! :) Oh, and 300 crunches? Holy vomit batman, I can't even do 30, lol...good luck lady!

  8. San Francisco doesn't have a real summer either.... so I'm there with you


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