Friday, July 6, 2012

biking shorts reincarnated

dress: F21, biking shorts: H&M, boots: Target

when i was a young little gal, i went to camp for a week each summer with my two best friends LJ and KitKat. we always had a blast. in fact, i think KitKat's Gigantic Bloody Booger of '97 is still encrusted on her bunk above Evergreen Hall. 

there was one year in particular that i packed terribly. among the items in this poorly packed bag were one pair of denim Levi cutoffs, my favorite Mickey Mouse tee and a few pairs of biking shorts thrown in for good measure (what? you don't call stretchy black shorts biking shorts?) the 90s-style cutoffs were the obvious favorite of my 11-year-old self, so i wore them on day one of camp. it was raining that day. and muddy. a campsite-wide game of flag football ensued. i was just as much as of a spastic doof as i am now, and not 5 minutes into the game i slipped and fell in the mud. it was so hilarious that i then peed my pants. so the cutoffs were soiled with mud and urine, forcing me to wear the very uncool biking shorts for the entirety of the trip. tragic.

when i saw these black biking shorts in H&M, i giggled at the memory and bought them immediately. and i'm kind of obsessed with them. 


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