Monday, July 23, 2012


on friday we headed to Lake Chelan to watch my Mom and sister M participate in the Chelan (Wo)Man triathlon. it annoys me that the race is called the Chelan Man. it leaves the women out. so i add the "wo" where it's needed. it was a fun weekend getaway and i happily discovered the instagram collage app.

M competed in the olympic triathlon race and placed 8th in her age group.

Mom competed in the half iron (wo)man and placed FIRST in her age group. omg she's so badass!

JJ woke up on Saturday morning and said, "hey L, i think i'm going to run the half marathon today..." and so he did! and placed third in his age group! my sexy Chelan Man! then after that, he and my sister's husband went and played a round of golf. all in a day's work.

M's husband competed in the ultimate nap competition and obviously won.

Gemsie Bear wins cutest baby in the world! (doesn't it look like she's taking this picture of herself?)



  1. look at you, miss tiny legs! you're such a hot mom. and gemmy is the sweetest! i love it!!

  2. dang...this post makes me feel fat and lazy. oh well :)

  3. um that really is the cutest baby. ever.

  4. Everyone in this post is either attractive, accomplished, or both.

    Even the guy who won the nap olympics... that is quite the accomplishment. Haha.

  5. gah we were in chelan all weekend! Kyle placed 3rd in his age group for the half iron-man. Hope you had an awesome time!


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