Monday, July 30, 2012


shorts: F21, denim shirt: H&M, sweater: Old Navy, boots: Miz Mooz

it was a full weekend. it was a good weekend. shall i recap?

Mom, Dad and sister CA came to Seattle on friday. we went out to dinner and froyo. it was so great!

oh you stop it Gemma! you stop being so cute! 

with Nannie & Bear (Nannie is giving Gemsicle a kiss, not having her for a snack) 

sister CA & froyo!

so nice to have 2/3 of my family all in one place. sisters M and MM: #yousuck for not coming into town for my birthday. (it was my birthday yesterday). my Mom said, "your presents didn't come in time, so you'll have to come home with the baby next week if you want them." threatening me with my gifts to get Gem rude, Mother!  

saturday morning was Gemma's 2 month birthday! JJ had to work (boo), but the rest of us bummed around downtown Edmonds. we went to an adorrrrrable kiddie store, then to the farmer's market where CA and i CRUSHED some delicious quesadillas. it was so fun, except Cleo was just being generally annoying on her leash and i lost my favorite burp rag with the elephants on it.

saturday afternoon the girls headed over to LJ's house for the sip n see that my delightful friends put on for Gemma and me! 

pina colada cake that KKiss' Mom and sister made. omg! equally darling and delectable. 

pressssssies for Gemcake!


the owl theme was SO sweet.

i love my friends. Sam flew up from Arizona just for us! Rah and Sabs came from Spokane, a handful of favorites popped over from Selah, and a pal visiting from Florida who had just finished taking the Bar Exam even made it! (KitKat we missed you SO much) LJ, KKiss and Sam did such a wonderful job putting together the most adorable party for us. love you guys! you completely outdid yourselves and also i'm 100% obsessed with you for buying Mama a spa gift card. i cannot wait. CANNOT. WAIT.

saturday night i left JJ with G and plenty of milk (and delivery pizza and a friend. Rah and Nebular stayed with us saturday night). and us gals went OUT! 

worst quality picture ever in life. but it's the only group shot we took all damn day.
Rah, LJ, Sam, me, KKiss.

it was so fun, and the bartender thought i was turning 24. teehee. i worried about Gemster and missed her though. it was the longest i have been away from her. Rah, i personally apologize if your husband does not want kids for 78 years. poor guy was scarred for life because Gemma screamed all night until i got home. we went to bed at 2 and then we were up at 7:45 on my birthday to meet Sand and Min for brunch! i was exhausted. staying out late when you have a baby is a whole new beast. o.m.g.

Rah and i were 30 minutes late to brunch because i am a loser. there just isn't enough time. i cannot be ready in 10 minutes anymore. i wore a nursing tank top in public that morning. new low. but the food was delicioussss!!! and the company even better. and i got such wonderful and thoughtful gifts from such fabulous girls. thanks for loving me even though i was stupidly late and hilariously hideous. 

Rah and Nebluar headed back to Spokane and JJ, Gemma and i went home. where i took a shower with both the dog and the baby. it was a little ridiculous.

then we lounged around (my birthday present from JJ didn't arrive in time either. harumph) until friends stopped by to soak up Gemstone and the sun. after they left, Mimi came over with popcorn and presents and babysat while JJ and i went to the movies. we saw Ted. it was stupid. but we laughed. the best part is when, after his date ends, Joel McHale farts loud and long and says "finally." hahahahahhahaahahaa 

we got back home, thanked Mimi, watched Olympics gymnastics (we both agree that Olympic gymnasts are more talented than any other athlete) and went to bed early. we fell asleep with Gemma in the bed, and she woke up smiling at us at 2 am. she likes sleeping with us. but we are afraid of squishing her, so she only gets to do that when her parents are too lazy to put her in her own bed.

whew. that was a FULL weekend, no? i am now 26. on the descent into my late twenties and well on my way to 30. 

and now i have to get ready to take Little Baby G to the doctor. two month shots. wahhhh. 


  1. Happy Birthday!! You have the sweetest life.

  2. Tell everyone how Gemma smiles and talks! Such a smart baby girl! And I loved being Grandmimi!

  3. Gemma is the sweetest -- do not worry about Nebular, he still wants children. :)

    It's so weird because Gemma is a total angel every time I've been around her, but then again it's always been with her mother, L. We were only gone for a few hours and he told me there were stretches of quiet--he just likes to exaggerate. Of course.


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