Thursday, July 19, 2012

high on love

Gemma is totally letting me set her down while she sleeps, so ANOTHER BLOG POST I SHALL WRITE! plus i'm still high on love. because yesterday was the tits. (see what i did there? just when you think i'm getting mushy, i go and ruin it).

my Momz drove me, the Gemmalonian and Cleo the Strange back home to JJ (we stayed a few extra days in Selah) and then she stayed and babysat while i went to dinner with my husband. just the two of us! and it was so fabulous.

pardon my side boob. 

JJ got home from work and presented me with three red roses. it took me like 10 minutes to figure out that each rose represented a year of our marriage. awwwwwwww

and then we went out to dinner. and it was so good. we ate at a lovely little Italian restaurant that JJ found and ingested so many wonderful delicious things. and Gemma was totally there in spirit...

and did you know that JJ and i do the traditional anniversary gift thing? year three is leather. i got him:

a keychain imprinted with his initials. real, genuine leather imported from Texas! yeeeee-haw! it's a brand, new piece of leather that is super light, but over time will harden and turn darker. TOTALLY COOL, right?

he got me a HIGHLARIOUS card (the front said, "how does an anniversary trip on a caribbean cruise sound?" and i opened it and it was a sound card! ((i really really really love sound cards)) it was a super loud boat horn and seagulls squawking and waves crashing hahaah) and on the inside was a sticky note with JJ's little love message. i questioned the sticky note and he said he wasn't going to open the loud obnoxious card at work to write in it, so he improvised. in the note he wrote, "i hope we can celebrate 60 more of these!" i frowned and said, "WHADDYAMEAN YOU 'HOPE'?!?!" and he got all serious and said, "well L, nature could take its course you know." really? death talk on our anniversary?? c'mon JJ. 

anyway, his leather gift to me was:

new pink Sperry shoes! i'm totally obsessed with them. he pre-ordered them at and was unsure if they were real leather, so when he went to pick them up in the store, he asked the sales associate before buying them. he's so cute.

3 years later and i'm still a smitten kitten for my hubblestiltskins. 

and now the sleeping dragon is stirring and roaring for milk. byeeee


  1. Sorry, L, but that made me throw up in my mouth a little. Warn a girl before you go talking about her bro like that, wouldya?

    KIDDING! Happy Anniversary! Remembering that day very happily...

  2. Oh anniversaries!!! I love the card story. That's hilar -- and HOW did he find a caribbean cruise (a la your honeymoon) card??? I mean that is just GREAT luck on his part and the sticky makes it so hilariously personal.

  3. Are you wearing those shoes or is Gemma? They look very loooong!


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