Thursday, July 12, 2012

JJ's going to kill me

because i promised him i wouldn't put this picture on my blog. but i lied. i die laughing at how Gemma is like "talk to the hand, Dad."

all four of us now have a Gonzaga something to wear (thanks to Bear), so i forced everyone to take this picture. everyone was annoyed with me. and i had exactly three shots to capture it. this is the best one. I look slightly Asian even though i'm not, forgot to suck in, and have a sun spot on my face. JJ has a spit-up stain on his shorts. Cleo looks sad and you can't see the bulldog on her dress. and nobody is wearing shoes. (???) BUT nevertheless, if you're a Zag alum, keep an eye out for us in the winter edition of Gonzaga Magazine. because there we will be.

off to get my hair done at the student academy 3 minutes from our house. it's a real risk every time i go there, lest they ruin my locks forever. but i mean, c'mon...$60 for a foil?! that's unheard of in this damn city.

also, thank you x1million for the stinky washing machine tips. you guys are the bees knees (what does that even mean anyway?)


  1. Hi! I'm new to the north seattle area and I'm always looking for a good deal on getting me hair done. Where do you go? I've been tempted to go to the Evergreen school in bellevue (since it's near work) but I haven't gotten the nerve to try yet.

  2. love it...straight up real unphoto-shopped love. awesome. you should watch for LivingSocial deals for hair...they come out often. :)

  3. i go to toni and guy in shoreline--they're pretty damn good!!!


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