Thursday, July 5, 2012

land of the free, home of taco bell

Mom & MM 

cousin JN, M and her husband 

CA and her FIANCE (!!!!!!) she's coming back to Seattle tmrw to go wedding dress shopping! eeee! 


Me & JJ 


her adorable little 4th of July romper

my family came to Seattle yesterday to go to the Mariner's game, followed by dinner at Cutter's by the water. the perfect 4th of July. it was sunny and warm (and i had total swamp ass from my spanx).

in 2008 my friend and i blew all of our college graduation money and went on a Eurotrip (whereinwich JJ popped into Venice and swept me away to Croatia where he proposed *swoon*). by the end of the trip, i was anxious to get back home. i loved Europe (did not love living out of a backpack for 5.5 weeks), but i missed home. and ironically my return to America happened on the 4th of July. i missed Taco Bell the good ol' U S of A so much that i damn near bought a bald eagle belt buckle during my layover in Detroit. ever since that Eurotrip, i go ALL OUT in red, white and blue on the 4th. GOD. BLESS. AMERICAAAAAAAAA!

*to read more about my Eurotrip, check out the "Eurocrazy" blog posts from April 2009*


  1. wait??? you're a seattlite? why did i think you were in cali? I'm in tacoma! holla!

  2. We were in SoCal until this last fall! :)

  3. BALD.EAGLE.BELT.BUCKLE...hahaha! get it girl :)

  4. You made one CUTE baby. She's presh.

  5. The picture od Dad!! Little man with giant hands--so distorted!,


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