Monday, July 2, 2012

spanx you very much

tee/pants: Marshall's, heels: Steve Madden, sunglasses: Target, SPANX

well! would you look at me getting all dressed and shit! 

i have an abnormal obsession with skulls. (most particularly pirate skulls). i used to have the best pirate shirt in the world that Santa got me one year...(cue groans from those closest to me who've heard this story one billion times. i'm 180% positive i've told this story on my blog before, but i'll tell again if i feel like it, dammit!) it said "pirates arrrrrrrrgh cool" and i lost it in college (i still think someone stole it) and my heart broke forever and i'm on the eternal search to find a replacement. this isn't pirate-y enough to be a proper replacement (much like the 7 other not-quite-right skull shirts i have), but nevertheless when i found this tee 8 months pregnant, i literally squealed in Marshall's and got really sad for all the other shoppers for not finding it first. i saved it to wear with these white pants and red shoes once the baby was born. and every few days post-Gemma, i've tried these pants on. and each time i've been real grumpy with the outcome. until today. today i was successful. because today i put (my most favorite in the world item in my wardrobe as of late) spanx on and viola! the pants buttoned (!!!!!!!)

today i am thankful for Spanx.
today i love my husband because he went to rite aid to buy me pads.
today Gemma has decided that when she's done eating but not done nursing, she spits milk out the side of her mouth and all over me. rude. 

also, the pre-made spicy lentil wrap with tzatziki sauce (i had to google the correct and ridiculous spelling of "tzatziki") from Trader Joe's is STUPID good.

ps Blogger os being an asshole about my weekly LOLcat picture. I'M TRYYYYYING to fix it. 


  1. um...did you secretly adopt? You look way too good to have just had a baby, with or without spanx!

  2. Never, EVER say your husband and pads in the same sentence again. The end.

  3. lookin good lil mama! Can't wait to see you and Gem soon!

  4. OMG. L! I got that pirate shirt from UO Sophomore year of college and was obsessed! I think it might still be lying around somewhere . . . I never wear it and since you're doing a guest post for me soon, maybe I'll track it down and send it to you as a "thank you" for the guest post?!


  5. If only Spanx could pull my gut in to pull off that outfit, I'd live and bathe in them!

    Yea for your hubs helping out with the not so wonderful shopping items that come along with being a woman.

    Not that this is the same shirt, but perhaps another to add to your collection:

  6. You look gorgeous! I love skulls/pirates too! <3

  7. ya, so.. I second Ruthy Ann.
    I swear to god. If you weren't so damn cute and funny I'd hate you! ;)
    lookin' good girl. Way to follow up on your pledge to get back in front of the camera!

  8. Here's another Pirate's ARRRGH Cool tee!


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