Thursday, July 26, 2012


jumpsuit: i heart ronson, boots: MIA, sunglasses: Chanel

you guys. i'm really bad at replying to questions/comments on my blog. i'm sorry. but i'm 1million times better at checking email and responding via Facebook. so ask/comment away on there and i promise i'll answer!

i am a sourpuss today. so here is a list of things that suck:

1. being forced to pick outfits based on how they will look with the K'tan. for instance, i had to change out of the cute dress i put on yesterday because when i added the K'tan, my fanny was hanging out. and you can't just go to ikea with your fanny hanging out.

2. accidentally sending texts to people who were not meant to see the text. if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, asshole. 

3. splinters.

4. kristen stewart cheating on robert pattinson. C'MON YOU IDIOT GIRL. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ROB?! AND WITH A MARRIED MAN?!

5. when target is out of chocolate covered peanuts.

6. when Gemcake wakes up at 6.

7. when JJ leaves the front door ajar and Cleo escapes and runs rabidly down the streets barking at everyone and everything. and having to chase the mutt barefoot in your pajamas with the hearts on them. 

8. unpainted fingernails.

9. jamming one's toes on the bouncy seat. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN TO US AT LEAST 4X A DAY?!

10. flowers that die and weeds that flourish.


  1. I stub my toe on that blasted thing EVERYDAY!!!!!

  2. #2. i do that almost every other day. i myself for it.
    #7. its happened to me. oh, has it happened.


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