Wednesday, July 25, 2012

trusty old denim friend.

skirt: Abercrombie, blouse: Old Navy, cowboy boots: Miz Mooz, flower: H&M

i'm so awkward hanging out in the bushes. 

you shut up and leave my Abercrombie skirt alone. i bought this SO long ago (LJ, do you still have yours? when did we get this? summer after high school? omg we're old) and i'm still 100% obsessed with it. in fact, i wear it to most of the country concerts i go to. it is a very old fave. 

Gemma has become a pro at fake crying. she'll yell out all melodramatically and look at you to see if you're paying attention. and if you are, she does it again. omggg! it's so hilarious. she's such a drama queen! obviously she got that from JJ. 

reading the BEST book. The Crowning Glory of  Calla Lily Ponder (book club selection via Rah). it's the most wonderful summer read and it makes my heart smile. 

also i got a new perfume, it's called Old Crusty Spit Up. have you heard of it? 

today we are running Big Errands. ikea AND target. dry shampoo, a swipe of lip gloss, coffee and a handful of stale frosted mini-wheats is all there's time for this morning. looking good, L, looking good. time to feed G and hit the road!

oh, and one more thing: i cannot even handle how cute this little love is:


  1. Love her ruffley little outfit! I can't wait to put ruffles on my little girl! and go you for fitting into a skirt from way back when so soon after birth.

  2. THOSE BOOTS!!! Must.. have them. Where are they from?

  3. Nordstrom! 3 summers ago...I love them!!

  4. Thank you L!! See? You don't suck at responding to comments on here!! Commence crazy treasure hunt for said boots. xoxo p.s. you inspired me to start a blog - be proud!


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