Monday, July 9, 2012

water baby

do i look uncomfortable at the pool in my denim shorts? I WAS. but any and all of the pre-Gemma swimsuits are off-limits. black high-waisted, ruched bikini bottoms that J will hate because they are sure to give me mom-jeans butt are ordered and on their way to me!

our little Gemstone loves (to poop in) the bath. so we thought a little trip to the pool was in order while we were in SoCal this last weekend. she enjoyed herself thoroughly until the very end (when the last picture was taken). she also enjoyed spending time with one set of her grandparents, and got to meet some great-grandparents, her two cousins M&M and a handful of aunties and uncles.

traveling with a babe was not as anxiety-ridden as i thought it would be. we didn't even check a bag! we had: two carry-on suitcases, Gem's little travel bag, the diaper bag and the car seat. and the car seat we checked at the gate, so it wasn't even bad! she was an angel on the plane both ways, and i only nip-slipped while nursing once, to the guy across the aisle. only i didn't feel bad because i'm 99% sure he was ripping major ass and smelling up the whole plane.

we have turned mondays into laundry/clean days around here, so there isn't a need to change out of our jammyjams (unless we puke all over ourselves or shit our pants so badly that it runs all the way up our backs). cheers to that.


  1. I wish we could have come to visit!! We'll get there! She IS her father. And according to our mom, she's me, too. I can't believe it! Smooches to Gemstone!

  2. she is gorgeous! and her little swimsuit is adorable.


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