Tuesday, July 3, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

nothing cuter than a naked baby in a diaper 

Juelz and Ger came to visit baby Gem! (and brought cupcakes OMG) why am i awkwardly placing one hand on the baby? 

that giraffe mat is actually Gemma's. but Cleo stole it.  

JJ and the King's champion mug that we got him for Father's Day

tough life, isn't it Gemcake? 

holding onto the paci for dear life 


my sister, Auntie MM bought Gemma a pair of sparkly pink vans--too cute! 

my sleeping beauties 

snuggles are the best 

JJ always gets the best burps out of her!


  1. Baby girrrrrl! Oh she is PRECIOUS! And those pink sparkly vans? Adorable!

  2. I know I keep saying this, but cut me some slack. It's so WEIRD to see JJ doing fatherly things like burp a baby! HE'S the baby, and I spent my adolescence mothering him! He's never had to do these things...it chokes me up (in a good way) to see him doing it himself. BTW, she is the spitting image of him. Freaky.

  3. gemmy has a wubbanub! don't you LOVE ti?! joons has a blue pony on his ad it's so cute when they cuddle up to it! also, dave gets the best burps, too! what is it about a fatherly hand thumping their back that pulls those belches from the depths of their being???

  4. I think that you should alternate between L outfit posts and Gemma outfit posts. She is so precious!

  5. ADORBS L!! God she's cute.
    When are you gonna make her
    her own pirate shirt?? :D

  6. does gemcake have fingers?


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