Monday, August 27, 2012

berry man

dress: F21, sandals: Dolce Vita

my very first ever friend KitKat came all the way from Pennsylvania to meet Gemma this last weekend!  she, KKiss, LJ and i spent all day saturday together (we missed ya Sam!), talking, laughing, eating and drinking peach bellinis. Gem was real cranky and only wanted to be held by me, but the girls got in a little snuggle time before each meltdown. and true to form, we planned on going out to dinner, but chose to stay in sweats and get Thai takeout instead.

on sunday as JJ was doing yard work and i was doing laundry watching the Kardashians, he discovered wild blackberry bushes all along the side of our house which is 100% thrilling because blackberries are the best ever! this morning i found a nice little pile of them on the coffee table for me. he is so thoughtful, that berry man of mine. eating them makes me feel real old fashioned, like we are living off the land or something.

nothing is more annoying to me than giant boogers in Gemma's nose. nothing pisses off Gemma more than when her mom picks her nose. it's one of those lose-lose situations.

i bought this dress online at a really smelly little internet cafe in Budapest and had it sent to my parents' house because i wanted to have something new to wear when i got home from Europe.


  1. use tweezers to get boogs out! my fingers are usually too fat to get those huge old nasties out of joony's nose.
    and i pictured JJ changing into full-on mountain man gear for when he's a berry man: coveralls, flannel, a hat with ear flaps, rustic old boots.

  2. wahhh! Missed you guys too!! :(

  3. I'm not really a fan of that dress. Seems a little too short and sort of like a night gown...

  4. anonymous: word. i'm not too crazy about it either.


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