Monday, August 20, 2012

oh, Chanel

could you just die at how cute these two are?

Gemma went to her first movie. The Campaign. at one point she was just sitting in my lap and staring at the screen while Will Ferrel was saying the F word. what? you don't expose your infant to inappropriate R-rated movies? pshhhhh. (also, did you know you have to buy your baby a ticket to R-rated movies? omg)

30-day ab challenge is complete! to celebrate, i had doughnuts for breakfast.

Gemma has officially grown out of newborn sized diapers *tear*

omg. you guys. my Mom mentioned Chanel's whole sob story to the vet (i adopted her, we lived alone together. JJ came along. Chanel hated (hates) JJ. we got Cleo. Chanel hated (hates) Cleo. Chanel angry-peed on our spare bedroom bed. we moved to CA. we regifted Chanel to my sister MM. we tried to have Chanel move back in with us in CA. Chanel angry-peed on Cleo's bed. i got pregnant. we moved back to WA. we agreed Chanel would not be nice to the baby. Chanel lives with my parents. Chanel angry-peed on my bed at my parents' house. Chanel got kicked out of the house. discussion about giving Chanel away. drama. drama. drama). anyway, the vet diagnosed Chanel with anxiety and depression (!!!) and now:

you can see Chanel is on Prozac. that's HUMAN prozac. my Mom literally had to go to the human pharmacy to pick up her medication. she was a little embarrassed. and the bottle says CHANEL (CAT) GRAF hahakajsdfhjkahkjhahahahahahahahahaha. she is SUCH a high maintenance bitch. but let me tell you: i was home last week, and Chanel didn't even try to bite me ONCE. it's all rainbows and unicorns and hearts for her now. she's really quite pleasant!

oh, Chanel.


  1. Way to go on completing your challenge!! I found it on pintrest and think I am going to give it a might be the little extra I need :)

  2. JOONY IS IN SIZE THREE DIAPERS. he. is. huge. i teared up in walgreen's buying those massive dipes. poor poor chanel...she just needed her prozac hahahaha. was the campaign hilarious?! zach + will are my faves.

  3. hahahaha I love how you write. You are HILARIOUS. My husband and I always laugh at the previews for The Campaign. I love those two! PS...I love your picture. Those are the best moments. So cute.

  4. Ohmydeargod. To put it as you would, hahahajakjajjsmamaahahahhaaa, this ish killed me! LOL . Chanel. What a diva!

  5. My cat was on human Prozac for anxiety and aggression (long story)... it saved our relationship, and I was able to wean her off eventually. No regrets.


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