Wednesday, August 15, 2012

outfits for two

                                      Gemma's eyes closed.                                                                           my bra out.

 me: skirt: Hurley, tee: TJ Maxx, Sperry Topsiders from JJ
bebe: onesie: Gerber, skirt: Target

you guys. my laptop died for realz this time. it's dead. just turned off while i went to brush my teeth this morning and won't even TRY turning back on. lksdfjksldfjlkads; so now i'm using JJ's computer and it's all weird. like the only sites in his history are news and sports. i'm tres annoyed. asljkdfjlksadfjlkasdf

only 4 more days to go in the 30 day ab challenge--and let me tell you: IT HAS WORKED! HOLY SHIT, HAS IT WORKED! even JJ has started doing it with me every night. it's the best.

shark week is giving me nightmares. but i just can't stop.

yesterday we went for a walk around Greenlake with our friend Ger, and Gemma decided she didn't want to stop crying the entire time. also when i got home and sat on the couch, all this foliage came out of nowhere. we had stopped halfway through our walk so i could give Gem a snack, and apparently i gathered the entirety of nature on my ass, carried it for the rest of our walk and brought it all the way back to my house. i lose. then i ate four taquitos for lunch and was still hungry.

anyone ever tried nursing necklaces? G seems very distracted while dining. she loses focus and pulls off a few times while she's breastfeeding. and as a result, isn't eating as much as she should.


  1. i've never tried a nursing necklace, but PLEEASE let me know if they work for you! joony does fine when we're in our bedroom and he know there isn't anything interesting going on, but when we're anywhere else he's pulling off the boob, looking around, spraying milk ALL OVER, drooling on'd be nice if he stayed focused!

  2. I'm not a nursing mum myself, but I've seen a lot of mothers drape a very light airy cloth over their shoulder and their baby's head/body while they're nursing. Probably more of a modesty/nursing in public thing, but I bet it also keeps the baby from seeing what's going on around them and helps them stay focused! In combination with a nursing necklace I bet that would work well. Just a thought :)

  3. What is this 30 day ab challenge you speak of?? Did you poat on it and I missed it?

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