Tuesday, August 21, 2012

project no pants

dress: Matix, hoodie: random store in Prague, Vans

i'm obsessed with Cleo in the first pic, "brb, i'm off to save the world."

so i have a new project:

my friend LJ came over the other night to borrow a dress for a wedding. we opened the closet solely dedicated to my dresses and LJ about pooped herself. she asked me to just pick ones that would work for her. her butterfly-loving self ended up choosing a frock printed with the winged beauties. 

anyway, the point is that it's stupidly ridiculous how many dresses i have. it got me thinking that it's time to clean up my dress closet. but where do i begin? so i counted them. and i have upwards of 100. ONE HUNDRED DRESSES YOU GUYS. that's dumb. some of them are old old old, some of them are newer, some of them have never been worn. 

so i have challenged myself to actually wear them. i will call this project no pants. it's quite simple really. basically i will wear ALL the dresses. and if i can't figure out how to make them look cute, if i decide i don't really like them, or if--GOD FORBID--they no longer fit, then i will say goodbye to them. and i will narcissistically document them on this here blog of mine! you can even vote if you'd like. but if you say "OMG L! NO, THAT IS HIDEOUS, GET RID OF IT!" and i like it, i won't listen to you and i'll keep it anyway. but before i make my final decisions, i will reminisce about the dresses. for instance, i bought this dress in the summer of 2008 because i thought JJ would like it. and i was right. he did. i think he liked it because it's a wee bit short. it's so soft and comfy AND IT HAS POCKETS! i'm on the fence with this one. aye yi yi. do you see why i have so many dresses? i cannot part with them! each one has a story. #amiahoarder?


  1. i'm just a commenting stalker on your blog these days, i have a lot to say to you. BUT - here's the thing about your dress project! you can get rid of ones you don't wear (even if they have sentimental value) because you'll have a picture of each one to remember it and how special it is! my sister in law told me that's what she does when she's cleaning out a closet or something and doesn't want to part with something useless because of the memories - she takes a picture of the thing and then tosses it. i can't wait to see your dresses!

  2. THAT IS SO TRUE B! i shall heed your advice.

  3. Omg. over 100! I would poop myself too (which Sam would think was awesome, btw). anyway, I am excited to see your no pants project!


    I also like what Brandilyn said, thus answering the question of your hashtag... LOL just joshin ya, L. :)

    The dresses shall parade amongst the prose and we shall vote!

    My vote for this one is: Keep It.

    One cannot underestimate the value of (cute) comfort while also feeling attractive to thy betrothed.

  5. One can never have too many dresses!~
    A reason to buy a new one or two!

  6. I may have to follow your lead. I to have way too many dresses as well as shoes and pants and clothes in general. I may have to join your no pants party and challenge myself to 30 days of just dresses. Hmmmm. Might not be a bad idea.


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