Tuesday, August 28, 2012



dress: gifted, belr: F21, shoes: Jessica Simpson

this dress makes me wanna party. i want to have some sangria and dance dirty with a Spaniard. ¡Olé! JJ's Mom bought it for me for Christmas last year, and clearly it brings out the sassy in me.

JJ grabbed his loafers off the over-the-door shoe rack this morning at the same time i was reaching for the cereal (yes, the shoes are neighbors with the pantry. we make full use of our tiny space), and as a result, one of his running shoes fell off and literally kicked me in the face before knocking the full mug of coffee out of my hands. i was an angry beaver. (hey...rmbr that show? i loved that show).

yesterday i felt like wearing my new boots. only Gemster and i had nowhere to go. so i just wore the boots around my house with underwear and a sweatshirt. G was a cantankerous little monster from dawn until dusk so i literally got nothing done aside from walking outside to get the mail.

here's to hoping i don't forget about a load of laundry that has been in the washer for 12+ hours like i did yesterday.

*also, blogger's poll widget isn't working. that's why my question of the week has been gone for a few weeks. i'll keep trying until it starts working again. but hey! Look! LOLcat is back.*

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