Thursday, August 9, 2012

snow white

jeans/blouse: F21, sweater: Target, sandals: Kelsi Dagger

1. i have a terrorist squirrel digging up my flowers, gophers digging holes in my backyard and MF-ING CROWS BUILDING NESTS ON MY ROOF like i'm goddamn snow white or something. WTF?! so, that's what i'm dealing with. 

2. omg new fave olympic sport: those dancing girls with the ballz! incredible!!

3. Gemmalonian usually wakes up once to feed during the night. but she woke up every three hours last night. and she ravenously nursed as if it was her last meal each time. what gives? growth spurt?

4. this. picture. omggggggggggg haaaaahahahahahahahhahaahahah

5. it. is. IMPOSSIBLE. to find an infant life jacket in this state! i'm on the phone with the 11th ELEVENTH store in Seattle right now as i type this.

6. last night i went to make a cheese sandwich at 10 pm. only to discover that we are out of cheese. i was a hateful, insufferable beast as a result.

7. JJ bought a new ipod shuffle. one week later, he decided to do ONE load of laundry on a whim. in that load of laundry was the new ipod shuffle. #idiot.

8. my friend G passed along this delightful montage. Means Girls quotes are the best!

9. we do not give Gemma baths. SO much easier to just take her in the shower! is that weird? whatevs, she loves it.

10. Cleo has figured out that i never leave the house without the baby. so she has taken to hopping inside Gemma's car seat with her so she won't get left behind. it's so cute that i can't bear to leave without her...and as i'm typing this, i am realizing that Cleopatra has once again outsmarted me using her good looks. 


  1. It is crow hunting season in Michigan (don't ask me why I know this. I am not hunter. gross). Maybe it is there too? You could get somebody to take care of that lol

  2. Have you tried putting cayane pepper or red pepper flakes around your flowers? My dad swears by it since they have squirrels all over their yard.


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