Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the chaos

dress: Ross, necklace: Nordstrom Rack, shoes: JC Penney, sunglasses: Karen Walker

last night we had LJ and her husband over for dinner and i cooked! (well, i prepared. JJ cooked) and Precious Gem cried and cried and cried and refused to eat. but as soon as our guests left, she settled down and nursed in silence and went right to bed. it's like she was saying "I WANT YOU TO MYSELF MOMMMM!" 

omg you guys. i (and by "i," i clearly mean my Mom) sewed Gemma some burp rags! my friend Kel made us some for the baby shower, and i'm obsessed with them. and we go through them so fast! so when i was home, i asked my Mom if we could make some too. i cut (badly and unevenly) and she sewed. and i learned that sewing is basically just a bunch of math, which i'm terrible at. i definitely wasted fabric by slicing folds when i shouldn't have. 

speaking of spit-up, Gemma vommed right on Cleo's face this morning. i mean quite literally ON. HER. FACE. Cleo was positively delighted. she's been licking her own nose for like 20 minutes now. she loves nothing more than regurgitated breast milk. when G spits up on the floor, Cleo runs and licks it up before i can even clean it up, which is totally fine by me. now that you know the truth, who wants to walk around barefoot at my house?

and now i've rattled on about spit-up for two paragraphs. Good Lord.

JJ has the day off today! huzzzzzzah! so i'm off to hang out with my perfect little family (picture this: Gemma shrieking for godonlyknowswhat, JJ scream-singing rockabye baby to her, Cleo barking for attention, me with greasyass hair, a zit with its own heartbeat and the Absolute Worst Morning Breath Ever In Life selfishly blogging away while the chaos continues around me). 

also, i bought this dress at Ross in like 2010 because it reminded me of a kaleidoscope. also, for the record, i spelled kaleidoscope right on the first try. 5,000 points for Gryffindor. because obviously that's the house i'd be in. 


  1. This post is all-over-the-place-hilarious and that's why I love your blog. You're down to earth and honest, which is so refreshing!

  2. I took the test once and I would be in Ravenclaw. Which I feel is accurate.

  3. This dress is a keeper!! L-O-V-E!

  4. I have that dress with a different cut, from ross. love it!

  5. I have the same dress,it is actually the same cut but differ in color.

  6. Def love this dress - its a keeper!! And the necklace is FAB. Orange rocks.


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