Monday, August 6, 2012

topless & fabulous


it was hot this weekend. like TOTALLY hot. so we ventured to the beach. except 10 minutes after we got there, Cleo had a seizure. so we had to go home. so dramatic.

today is Louis' first birthday. love you, Louis.

on friday we met up with sister M's husband's aunt for a walk around Greenlake. i showed up in workout clothes and she showed up looking killer wearing leopard jeans and wedges. dammit i lose! that 3 miles went by so fast i couldn't even believe it. we were just chattin' away having the time of our lives. also she bought Gemster a bib that says "i'd rather be blogging" SHUT UP! it's so perfect.

and i realized that if i want to make mom friends, i had better start hanging around Greenlake. it's totally Mommy Central. i'm bound to meet someone who likes us.

after the walk, we had  to go to Children's Hospital to have our blood drawn. both of us. it hurt. we both had tears. also Gemma decided to absolutely explode in her diaper. it literally went all the way through to the K'tan. i used NO JOKE 7 wipes. i literally had to throw away her onesie. and when i reached into the diaper bag for a fresh outfit, all i found was pants. just pants. so we strode out of Children's topless and fabulous.


  1. god girl, you have no idea how many times i have tried to contemplate the "place" to meet moms. "Greenlake" whatevs that place is sounds as good as any i've thought of! ;D

    and ps. you look so effing good for JUST having a baby chica. you rock it!

  2. greenlake is mom central...wish i lived closer! i'd love to take a walk with ya once my lil gal is born! (my fatass cannot walk more than 5 minutes currently at 36 weeks.)

  3. oh my gosh! could gemma be any cuter? ps just posted your guest post on my blog :) thank you again!!

    i would have fainted getting blood drawn. you two are quite brave!

  4. I want to squeeze and hug and cuddle her!!! I can't believe I haven't even met her yet. I bet she smells like baby powder and Johnson's Baby Wash too... Sigh. Not sure if we'll get to see you in September; depends on the doc's orders. But if we do, I plan on fighting off Auntie C and Grandma and hogging her all to myself. Just so you know... ;)

  5. A seizure?? Scary!
    But let's talk about how amazing you look, mama! GORGEOUS!

  6. i want to be your mom friend and walk around a lake and whip boobs out like it ain't awkward because we're both doing it and complain about sleepless nights and admire each other's cute little bebes!


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