Tuesday, August 14, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

homemade blankie from Auntie E!  

we went to visit the family i used to babysit. there was lots of love in the room! 

boating in CDA with Nebz 

well hello there little lady! 

big gemstone holding her rattle

bday present from Rah. little teeny tiny skull. 

JJ got me a "G" for Gemma necklace. so sweet. 

she dug and dug and dug inside her bed until the cushion came out so she could sit in it without the basket. Cleo the Strange. 

was cuddling Gem when she went in for the kill.  

love little baby's face in this one! coffee date with Ger. 

Cleopatra's favorite thing 

Daddy & his girl 

soooo hot driving home from Spokane yesterday (97 outside and the air conditioning in the car broke!) we had to stop to feed Gem. pants were not a requirement for anyone.

on the road! JJ broke his sunglasses this weekend so he wore my cat eye shades all the way home. teehee. 

Cleopatra's other favorite thing. she loves to hump Rah's dog Frankie. she's a total perv! 

me and Rah 

my sweet little watermelon. 

baby on a boat 

JJ taking a dip in the lake.


  1. joony has those same sunglasses in green and he loves them! he gets so pissed off when the sun is in his face! and that picture of gemma with her rattle is the cutest. she looks so tough!

  2. SUCH a good weekend, what a treat to get to see you four! We are totally lonely now that we're back to our foursome. The poodles are beside themselves, J keeps asking me when we're going to eat, and I am wishing I had a magic ball so I could just ask it at any given time what you and the gemmalonian are doing. xo


  4. She wasn't wearing it when we were stopped! Butnshe definitely had one! :)

  5. Where is that skull bracelet from, Ive been looking for one like that FOREVER!!

  6. I received it as a gift, but I think this might be the same one! :)



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