Tuesday, August 21, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

would you just LOOK at these two? BFFs. 

our family pictures came in the mail! special thanks to my very talented friend San for capturing us perfectly!

little baby 

loungin' tough 

school shopping (can i go back to school plz? all i ever wanted was to shop at Abercrombie and get a new hot pink Jansport. OMG also, Nannie bought Gem her Halloween costume during this shopping trip. you. will. DIE. when you see it) followed by subway (i ate an entire footlong and two bags of chips FYI) in the park with cousins! (pictured: Holly & Janie & me)

just chillin' 

snowcones in the park (cousins Stoney, Noni & Ruthie)

this picture confirms that i need to own a brush. me & Noni with our Starbucks.

we sent this to JJ on our way to the shopping trip. am i cross-eyed? 

Bear trying desperately to get Gemma to calm down. all she wanted was me. i love that she loves me best. i am literally her favorite person. 

Cleopatra snuggling up after a rough day filled with seizures and puking (all over sister CA's lap hahahahahahhh). poor little lemon pup.


  1. david gets kind of offended when i say how joony saves his best smiles and laughs for me...but it's kind of true. being the mom/keeper of the boobies is the BESSSST!

  2. Ahhh, poor Cleo....


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