Tuesday, August 28, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

munchin' on Sophie. 

KKiss, me & Gemma, KitKat, LJ

keepin' it real.

i love that Mr. Hansen 

yesterday. when Gem wouldn't let me put her down. also, check out my ultra-sexy nursing bra. 

LJ's husband Chria Milker (that's whay JJ accidentally put him as in his phone hahahaha) & JJ

WTF kind of creature dug this hole in my backyard?? 


 LJ got this shot of Gemsie Bear and me.

 Cleo overseeing JJ's yard work.


JJ's response when i sent him that picture. 

omg. those. sunglasses. 

i cooked! 

hey look! look, there's my boob! Gemma really does like the nursing necklace i got for her. i also wear it when i'm carrying her around in the K'tan, and i hang it from her bouncy chair too. 

 Gemma & Auntie KitKat finally meet! thanks for coming to visit us you crazy redhead!

belly. out. 

playing draw something with KitKat, and i drew this for "bathrobe." after i finished, i realized that it looks disturbingly close to me in the morning.


  1. #1: Gemstone just kills me. That pic of you and her melts my heart.

    #2: I'm sold on the nursing necklace. need one.

    #3: Cle overseeing the yard. So the dominatrix.


  2. Can't decide which pic of Gemma is most precious, the one with the sunglasses (look at those leopard print leg warmers :-)) or the one with her cute little belly button poking out :-)

  3. I am dying to zerbert that belly! Come visit! Love, Auntie Em

  4. It's official...your the funniest person I know...or don't know...I just love reading your blog! Creepy? Maybe. What's the deal with the nursing necklace? What's it do?

  5. thnx kelsey! it keeps her focused on the eating task at hand! she gets so distracted!

  6. You're hilarious! Love the cute little girl cheetah fashion!



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