Wednesday, August 29, 2012

will you marry me?

dress: Wet Seal, shoes: Marshall's

i ate a cheese stick this morning that had an expiration date of may 20. am i going to die?

i feel bad for Gemma during her first feeding of the day before i've put on any deodorant. like, how gross to have your nostrils in such close proximity to a smelly armpit?! 

once upon a time, Wet Seal had the most wonderful section of clothes copied straight from the BCBG runway. and it was glorious. this is one of those dresses. 

this is also a shot of me after i got too close to that tree which had in it, a dog-eating spider the size of Uranus (not to be confused with your anus) that was literally going to bite my finger off. this photo captures my genuine fear as well as my fat looking arm. 

and the most wonderful thing about this dress is that JJ proposed to me in it. (!!!!) in Rovinj, Croatia in June of 2008.

look at his cute fluffy head. and ohhhh that a-line Victoria Beckham haircut. and my tiny boobies. how i miss those tiny boobies! 

i wore it like 78 times since it was the only dress in my backpack, so by the time i got home, i was sick to death of it. but this one is not up for discussion. it's being kept. forever and ever and ever because it's special.

 hahahhh i'm so annoyed. this is pre-engagement, and i was grumpy because i was starving.

apparently i wasn't too sick of the dress though...because i also wore it to KitKat's bridal shower that i hosted that same summer:

LJ, KitKat, me, Sam. ah, so young.


  1. do you have clothes from so long ago that you still fit in? i think i purge my closet each season so i can no longer see the items my ass wont fit into any longer!

  2. Hahaha that scared pic, so funny!

  3. I like the annoyed pic!! I know that gesture and face so well...

  4. 1. Still love this dress!

    2. Oh,hi fat Sam! We look so young... and I look bloated from the 85 tea sandwiches and peach bellinis I had that day!

  5. hahahahahaha I think your blog is my favorite blog that I have ever read. I'm serious. You're hilarious.

  6. All these years I thought the dress was actually BCBG. Cannot believe it's from Wet Seal!


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