Thursday, September 27, 2012

a few of our favorite things

 from L and Gemstone:

one. pink baby converse from dear sweet Al. cool baby.
two. Jewel's The Merry Goes 'Round CD. we are slightly obsessed with Sammy the Spider...
three. HANDS. FREE. PUMPING. period. JJ calls it my Betsey Bra (read: cow bra)
four. Old Navy baby jeggings, but sold out. which is why my Dad snuck them off the mannequin.
five. Lifefactory bottles. the only ones Miss Priss will even think about drinking from nowadays.
six. not for sale. Daddy and Cleo are ours to keep forever and ever.  
seven. Jellycat octopus toy from KKiss. Gem adores him!
eight. Honest diapers. chemical-free, plant based, biodegradable AND affordable.
nine. Hanna Anderson hat from Nannie. perfect for our morning walks in chilly Seattle.


  1. love that JJ and Cle made the list :) Love Jellycats- baby needs the flamingo!

  2. Oh my gosh, that "cow bra" is genius! Sam breast fed for 14 months but since I was in school and working that meant LOTS of pumping. I remember being all hunched over at my vanity in the mornings trying to keep the bottles balanced on my knees/wedged on my boobs while trying to do my makeup. Obviously I am a genius and don't know how to search amazon for useful breastfeeding tools. :)


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