Monday, September 24, 2012

dad thing

just hangin out with the girls!
me: dress: H&M, heels: Steve Madden via Ross, sunglasses: Juicy Couture
baby: sunsuit: Janie & Jack
dog: collar: TJ Maxx

i spent the weekend with my sisters and my Dad (my Mom had a girls weekend with her bffs from college) and we had a blast. shopping, movies, out for every meal, and topped off with a family BBQ. loved it. i remember one time when my Mom was out of town, Dad made us macaroni and cheese for dinner and forgot to put milk in it. it was quite chalky and chunky. when Dad was in charge, my sisters and i always showed up to school with mis-matched outfits and topsy-tails. that was the only hairstyle he knew how to do. hahahah. but really though, is mis-matching a "Dad Thing" ?? JJ dressed the baby this morning and she is wearing conflicting navy blue stripes on navy blue stripes, leggings that are too short and has her shirt on backwards. he presented her to me this morning all proud that he completed dressing her on his own (usually i hear disgruntled huffing and puffing while he tries to snap all the snaps with their coordinating snaps on her one piece outfits and eventually he walks in the room with her outfit all janky and lopsided and i have to unsnap all the snaps and start over. did i say "snap" enough times in that sentence?), and i was just like whatevs. i mean, she's dressed, right?

we found Gemma some jeggings this weekend. my Dad had to take apart the child mannequin at Old Navy to snag the very last pair in the store, but we got them. hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. and omggg her little skinny long string bean legs look so adorable in them.

truth: it's impossible to eat a rice cake quietly while Gemsicle and Cleo are sleeping right next to me. welllllll, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! i think i'll have a morning nap myself.


  1. Dads rule! My dad almost set the house on fire trying to grill us hamburgers one time when my mom was out of town. Never a dull moment when they're around!

  2. I also had the topsy tail every time my mom was out of town! My dad was always so proud of himself/relieved that he didn't have to attempt a braid.

  3. ha! you should have snapped a pic of her in daddy's outfit!


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